Hi there! My name is Minh and I'm thrilled to have you here with me! I started The Standard Chic back in 2012 on a whim - a 'just because' reason to try something new. With the intended audience of one - myself - a blog was an easy way to track my day-to-day as I thought to myself 'hey, this could be kind of fun to look back on one day'.

Naturally, my posts revolved around things I enjoyed - food and fashion. From documenting an outfit that I thought was creative genius (looking back, I was severely mistaken) to a 'NTS' review of a killer dish I've tasted, the more I wrote, the more I began to love this entire process. One day, I mustered up the courage to start sharing this collection of memories to those around me. Fast forward 5 years and here we are today.

The purpose of this space is for me to share with you the things that bring me joy, in hopes that it'll also add some inspiration to your day. This takes me to why the blog is named what it is - life's too short to not colour your life and live beautifully. Find the chic in your everyday and make it your standard - the standard chic! 

Once again, I'm so happy to be able to share this on-going project with you today. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy the read!

x, minh




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