3 Ways to Turn Your Condo into a Home

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Hey friends! I'm officially a Torontonian! I was lucky enough to snatch up a corner unit (bless these views) but asides from that, your standard condo is a shoebox in the sky.  My mission was to turn this small space into something that feels like home (at least for now)!

Below are 3 principles I followed throughout my décor journey that I'd love to share with you. I had so much fun working on this design project and I hope this post will inspire some of you to do the same!

1) Start with the basics. Elevate with the details.
  • Use uncluttered and understated furniture as a starting point - I've always liked the mid-century modern look - clean lines with minimal fuss and I definitely wanted to incorporate that into my space.
I found a basic sectional that satisfied all these checkboxes, however... great for looks, not for comfort. The couch was stiff and almost too stark for the eyes - so to create the illusion of fullness, I loaded it up with various textured pillows. Not only is this a cost-efficient way to make a big impact on the room, it's easily swappable for a different look/feel throughout the year, while maintaining the simplistic elements of a mid-century couch that I've always wanted. 
  • Add interest to your dining space with The Rule of Threes - Structube was my saviour throughout this project where I found this gorgeous circular dining table.  It's fairly large so to break up the surface, I've applied the design rule of threes - a guideline that says things arranged in odd numbers are more appealing, memorable and effective than even-numbered groupings.
  • Add visual interest, not clutter, to functional pieces - Keeping things neat and compact on a pretty tray creates visual interest, but also keeps your trinkets contained thus minimizing how much room you take up on your coffee table.
I love the cozy look and feel of wooden accents and I tried to incorporate it into my space - from this tray to the wooden pegs of my dining table and couch. Candles are a must and I am obsessed with gold accents - have I mentioned all of this was found at HomeSense!? 

2) Optimize your storage space by making it part of your presentation.
  • Re-vamp your closet into a show piece - Call me excessive but I've been organizing my closet by colour for years.  I also have a weird mental inventory count of what I own, so not only is this easier for me to find certain things, it's also more visually appealing in my opinion! 
Took a trip to Costco and revamped all my hangers to black velvet ones for consistency and elevates the presentation.
  • Stack your shoes - I know I have a shopping issue but I highly doubt I am the only one out there with a shoe problem. Ladies, why hide your accessories in the closet?! 
I picked up this 8-tier shoe rack at Walmart for 30 bucks! Not pictured... all the other shoes that I couldn't fit on here. That's a whole different issue that would require a lot more than a rack to fix *yikes* 
  • Find decorative solutions to openly store anything - I have a ton of random knick-knacks from home - books, jewelry, etc. I tried to minimize getting bookcases or shelving units installed (less holes in the wall) so I had to get creative with these odds and ends. 
Once again, HomeSense comes to the rescue. I found these gorgeous marble bookends and a super roomy 3-tier jewelry stand to avoid the frustrations of tangled pieces.
Another creative space solution I came up with was turning this random nook next to my closet into a wardrobing area. I'm sure with many of us girls, we're facing the 'closet-is-never-big-enough' dilemma so why not turn an odd shaped space into something functional?
3) Keep the palette complementary, not identical. 
  • Decide on a colour palette that ties all the rooms together - This will add character to your home without being too matchy-matchy.  For example, I used a ton of light blues and pinks - 2 colours I wouldn't have thought of pairing together but the the pastel similarities keeps the space bright and airy, complemented by natural lighting and white walls.
I viewed a handful of condos before snatching up this one, there's only so much layout variation you can do with 600 SQFT. With living in a contained space, I wanted to make sure there was a good flow from room to room.
Some other tips and tricks! 
  • Load up on the framed artwork - Square footage may be limited but what are you going to do with all that wall real estate!?  
  • Only buy pieces you LOVE - You will thank yourself later when you see the final product, all thanks to you! It may prolong the decorating process but the search is worth it. Took me a month to find the perfect kettle, I kid you not. 
  • HAVE FUN - This was my first place and it sure isn't my forever home but made the most out of my first home decor project. It'll only get better! 

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  1. Never thought I'd be into educating myself on how to make a house look pretty, but this was a very interesting read! Awesome pictures to go with it!





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