Oh, hello again.

9:51 PM

{ blows dust off blog }

Two years later and I've found my way back here again, as I've regretfully let this hobby of mine get lost in the beautiful chaos of life.  Two years where I can't even string together the right words to describe what an incredible, exhausting, vibrant, whirlwind ride it has been. Two years brings me back here, to you. 

The themes of this year has, so far, revolved around stepping out of my comfort zone, embracing ambiguity, tackling big life changes, collecting new experiences and learning more about myself each and everyday.  The reason why I want to start this up again is because throughout my journey of self-reflection and personal growth, I've realized being forward-looking is one thing but it's also important to take the time to look back on your past and take with you what you have unintentionally left behind.  Writing these blog posts made me happy.  Even if I have an audience of one, it's something I loved doing and as part of my current journey of doing things for myself, it makes so much sense to give this blog some TLC.

NEXT POST: So what's next for this space!? Anything and everything under the sun so let the creative juices flow and the writing begin! First order of business, I've recently moved downtown and finally have my own space to put my countless hours / months / years of Pinterest-ing to life!  Going from a spacious home in suburbia to condo living is quite the (space) shock but I've managed to create my own little sanctuary that not only reflects my personal style, but also maximizes the space that I do have.  This move has been quite a project - I can't wait to share with you guys what I've been working on, styling tips and organizational ideas! Stay tuned.

x, minh 

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  1. Oh HIII. You'll always have an audience of at least two :)
    Looking forward to more posts - yay!!!





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