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Hey friend.

Brunch is probably one of the greatest things in life. It never used to be something I looked forward to until this past year (coincidentally, ever since I started work and began to really value the weekend). Also ironic, because throughout the week I never actually eat breakfast, so Sunday brunch is extra special.

Since it was C's birthday this past weekend, it's only fitting to extend her celebrations into Sunday morning where we headed to Caplansky's, a Kosher style delicatessen on College.  Known for their smoked meats, Caplansky's opened their doors in 2009 - since then, they've launched their own food truck and had some face time on Dragon's Den. #celebstatus.

An indecisive person's worst nightmare.

Already regretting not bringing home a jar of pickles.  Seriously, key to my heart.

I'm not even the biggest mustard fan but Mild and Delicious was anything but mild. I'm pretty sure all of us were picking at the mustard on it's own. Judge me.

Thaaaat's what I'm talking about.

I opted for the Smoked Meat Hash - griddle fried smoked meat with potatoes, onions, sunny side up eggs and fresh rye. Side note: how perfect do these eggs look? Maybe even too perfect. I was genuinely concerned.

I'm sorry this is cliché but you have to admit this birds eye view shot is making you salivate.

I already want to go again, but this time to try their classic smoked meat sandwich (double pickle on the side, please).  Schwart'z will forever have a special place in my heart but always scoping out the competition ;)

All in all, if you love brunch as much as I do, this cozy little place was definitely worth the visit. Their menu is huge so there's something for everyone, literally.  Basic eggs to a liver sandwich - they've got you covered.
356 College Street, Toronto

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  1. Oh Minh, it's been too long since I've read your delightfully playful writing style. Thank you for that :)





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