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Summer is in full swing and I hope everyone is milking every moment of it.  It's the little things in life that make me the happiest and there are lots of great things to celebrate - to start, this incredible weather, tons of city events (like the one I'll get into below) annnnnd might I mention this is my 50th blog post?! Who would've thought that a project I started just for kicks grew into something that I can look back on and enjoy x years from now - so yay! 
Summerlicious: for 2 (delicious) weeks in July, over 200 participating restaurants offer a three-course prix fixe lunch or dinner at a great value - so I'm obviously all over this. My Summerlicious roster includes celebrity chef Susur Lee's Lee, STOCK at the Trump Hotel and Top Chef Mark McEwan's ONE.

First up was Lee.  In the heart of King West, Lee offers a delectable menu of small-plate dishes with an Asian and French flare. The website describes the restaurant to be 'hipster cool' populated with a stylish crowd and that's definitely the vibe we got when we stepped into the space.

House sangria made with 22 ingredients.  Deadly and delicious.

To start, T and I opted for a fresh watermelon salad and the calamari dish.  Both were delicious but my personal favourite was the salad which delivered an intense burst of flavour in every bite. I would never have imagined to enjoy the sweetness of watermelon with the acidity of the balsamic but hey, this is exactly why these events exist to introduce you to these unique taste combinations!

Watermelon & Feta Cheese Salad | Jalapeno, olive, black pepper balsamic soy vinaigrette,
Crispy Calamari with Cod Cake | Sriracha mayo (I KNOW.) with charred tomato salsa, spiced salami chips

For the mains, salmon and beef were our choices of the night and both were equally delicious - the salmon was perfectly cooked (we all know how bad overcooked salmon is) and the beef just melted in your mouth.  What really made the dishes special were the variety of sauce blends - creamy, tart, zesty, you got them all.

Roasted Assam Marinated Salmon | Lemongrass emulsion, crispy noodles, crispy leek, eggplant, zucchini, red pepper and tomato ratatouille  
Black Pepper Marinated Filet of Beef | South Indian tomato jam, roasted cauliflower, fresh corn polenta

Lastly, as Lee is heavily focused on experience dining and sharing your dishes with the table, it was a pleasant surprise when the waiter told us we could each get all 3 dessert options!  My favourite was the mousse. You cannot go wrong with strawberry or vanilla anything.

Golden Licorice Meringue, Vanilla White Chocolate Mousse and Caramelized Banana and Jackfruit Spring Roll

I was super pleased with my first Summerlicious restaurant of the season!  Food was of high quality and the swanky venue just topped off the entire dining experience - if you're looking for a stylish night out in a bustling neighbourhood, check this restaurant out!

Up next: STOCK in the Trump International Hotel & Tower! 

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