Bang Bang Ice Cream & Bakery

1:35 PM

Happy Sunday, everyone!  So, I'm pretty sure you can't open up your Facebook or Instagram lately without seeing someone post a shot of these ice cream sandwiches.  I sure couldn't, so I headed to Ossington to see what all the fuss was about.  25 minutes in line and 3 minutes of eating later, I understood why.

So simple and so delicious.  Choose a cookie (for a 1/2 sandwich) or 2 (for a full sandwich), choose a speciality ice cream flavour and done. For under $5 a pop, this was the perfect Saturday afternoon treat. 

What I loved about this place is how humble and low key it looks. If there wasn't a line-up on the street, I probably would have just walked past it without noticing what it was, as their signage was literally a piece of paper taped to their window. I thought it was a charming touch.

Instead of typical menu boards, these shelves show what flavours are currently available.  Seemed like everyone got the London Fog when I was checking out other blogs/posts so I really wanted to try it. Unfortunately, they were out of that flavour yesterday. Sad face.

Samples on display.  How did these not melt?

I opted for the Everything Cookie (pictured above) with a cappuccino ice cream filling, and T got the Birthday Cake cookie with a banana creme filling.

For waiting almost 30 minutes in line, our treats lasted for less than 5. Too good to eat slowly.

Nom nom nom.

My only feedback is that service was pretty slow and their processes seemed inefficient.  Perhaps there wouldn't have been as long of a line if things were a tad more structured/streamlined with the number of employees behind the counter, but I'm sure that will come with time! Nonetheless, this was the perfect summer snack.  I'd come back in a heartbeat.

93 Ossington Avenue.  Toronto, ON.

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