Montréal | In Photos

6:40 PM

Hey friends!

It's great to be back after a slight blogging hiatus - I told myself that I won't neglect this as long as I have and I hope you guys hold me to it! With summer weather in full swing (well, minus today's ridiculous storm) I'm super excited for the season of patios, festivals and of course, summer wardrobes.

To kickstart the season, Kathleen, Zack and I decided to take a little road trip down to good ol' Montréal a couple of weeks ago. 'Planning' doesn't exist when it comes to these beauties and that's what I love about these guys (remember the time we booked a week long Miami trip a day before we flew out? Yes, that happened.)

Instead of exhausting you with the details, here are some of my favourite snapshots from trip. Gorgeous weather, amazing food and even better company - cheers to many more weekends like this to come!

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