Rock Lobster Food Co.

9:28 AM

Happy Sunday, everyone! 

If you don't like seafood, we cannot be friends. I love my red meats but seriously though, seafood is on another level. I've always heard such great things about Rock Lobster Food Co. so last Saturday, T and I decided to check it out (well, it was more of me who was on the mission to get my lobster Caesar...)

Rock Lobster started out as a pop-up restaurant but after its overwhelming success, they now opened 2 locations in TO! They first opened shop on Ossington and their Queen West location was up and running soon after, which is the one we went to.

As soon as we walked in, we quickly noticed the large crowds, loud buzz and bustling atmosphere. Lobsters and mooseheads mounted to the walls? That is how you do seafood in a non hoity-toity way.
Photo from BlogTO
There were plentiful non-seafood options as well. I wouldn't say no to peameal bacon...
Our fun coat check cards! 
My pièce de résistance. Okay no, but this is the main reason why I wanted to come here LOL. 

Lobster poutine. No description is necessary.

My favourite, and simplest dish of the night. A pound of boiled crab legs!

Cajun lobster roll with housemade chips - a tad on the spicy side but very flavourful


I neeeeeeeed to go here again and so must you (if you don't mind getting your hands dirty, of course).


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