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Hoooly, long overdue. It's been over a month since I've eaten here but the food was so good that I had to share it no matter how old this post is!

W (if you are reading this, fine, this time I won't say 'old friend') and I decided to catch up over dinner at a place called Lamesa on Queen West. I never dined at a filipino restaurant before so Lamesa was a fun choice - their food is less traditional but more so a progressive approach to the cuisine. The staff describes the restaurant as 'Filipino nouveau', a dining experience that boasts authentic flavours but through contemporary presentation.

The restaurant itself was the cutest thing! Quaint, warm and intimate, it was the perfect setting for a laid back dinner. Also, they offered this great option of a prix fixe menu - ideal for those who would have no idea what to order otherwise (me). For only $30, you get to choose one pulutan (appetizer), one ulam (main) and one matamis (dessert). On top of that, you get two tasting courses - the chef's amusé bouche and pre-dessert to cleanse the palette. 

(Note: their menu is updated frequently so excuse some missing dish information below. Already regretting not posting this earlier.) 

Halo Halo Sisig with Rice | chicken, pork and beef with chilies, garlic, onions, pico de gallo and fried egg
Kalbi Ribs | with filipino pico de gallo
Appetizers could pass off as a meal... oh, and don't forget the bottle of malbec.

Amusé Bouche: 
Hot Rice Congee | peas purée

Crispy Pork Belly Adobo | confit pork belly, black garlic puree, pickled chayote and abodo reduction

Watermelon Purée | served chilled

Ovaltine Cheesecake | malt chocolate whipped cheesecake with brown putter polvoron crumble
Carnation Brulée | Evaporated milk custard

All in all, it was such a good meal with awesome company. Would definitely recommend this restaurant to those who want to try something new!

Until next time, lovelies! 

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