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Hello, lovely. First official post since... grad ball?! With school ending, I finally have free time to get this thing updated again. With such a whirlwind of a summer (or lack thereof), it feels pretty freaking sweet to wake up and be able to just breathe. However, one thing on the docket that I'll hopefully get to soon is publishing my travel blog! I kept a weekly blog when I was away, and I can't wait to share it with you. Stay tuned! 

I left Waterloo yesterday to come home for a couple days before the official move-out next week... crying. Trying hard not to think about that too much and instead, enjoying how amazing it feels to be back in my own bed, and see family and friends who I haven't seen for practically 2 months.

Kicked off my visit with some of my favourite people in the world for drinks and a late night bite. With such a great night, I'm super pumped to finally 'start' my summer and knock off the things on my August to-do list. 
My style, hair and makeup icon. 
Congrats on your new car, Zacky! 
White peach, mango and apple sangria @ Earl's
@ Tremendous - 1 a.m. dim sum is always a good idea...
... but not too sure about 2 AM coffee runs.
Lastly, my ootn (well, with a change of shoes!)

Until next time! 

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