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Happy weekend! 

Yesterday was a picture perfect Saturday, so I hope everyone was able to spend some time outside and catch some rays - Kathleen and I certainly did as we did a day trip to The Beaches/Ashbridge's Bay Park. The cloudless sky and the refreshing breeze made it the ideal day to soak up some vitamin D. However, we must have done something horrible to bees in our past lives, because they would not leave us alone...

Stunning skies.
After a good 5 hours, it was time to do a quick outfit change for dinner!

Left: Dress - Silk Market, Beijing | Scarf - Pearl Market, Beijing | Bag - JustFab
Right: Bag - H&M | Sandals - Sam Edelman

We decided to go to one of our trusted, go-to restaurants, Korean Grill House however, this was both our first time at the Yonge & Bloor location. You can never go wrong with Korean BBQ. For those who love it, you know what I'm talking about. For those who have never tried it, you're doing life wrong. Let's just say we left pregnant with two food babies and couldn't tell if our waiter was impressed or disgusted at our consumption capacities.
Next, the logical thing to do was to eat more food... (K and I obviously fit in the 'girls who actually like to eat' category). Located in the heart of Yorkville, it was our mission to make sure we check out the Magnum Pleasure Store (11 Bloor St. W) regardless of the wait. The ice-cream pop-up shop was originally supposed to be open for a month, but after its overwhelming success, the geniuses at Unilever decided to keep it running until August 30th.

Two words: customizable Magnums. Each bar is $6 and it comes with unlimited toppings. It was delectable, don't get me wrong, however we were slightly disappointed that half the toppings were already out since we went so late.

The line almost reached the corner of the street!

Can I steal these and frame them in my room?

The décor was simply exquisite. Sophisticated and swanky with touches of grandeur. The warm, chocolate browns and splashes of gold were divine and really made the place feel special.

Pleasure Store, Pleasure Seekers... sensual, but effective.

#MyMagnum (Top): Vanilla ice-cream with a dark, Belgium chocolate shell and dark chocolate drizzle, topped with rose petals, Nerds (yes, it's what you're thinking of), crushed hazelnuts and macadamia nuts.

Naturally, I just had to pose with the M for obvious reasons.

Kathleen's creation!
Time is ticking - if you haven't gone yet (and have an hour to spare in line) do check it out before the end of the month. I recommend going earlier in the day... don't be like us and go so close to closing time.

Have an amazing Sunday, everyone!

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  1. Great photos! Love the dresses!

  2. Copenhagen is really worth a visit, you're absolutely right!
    Nice blog you've got here:)


  3. The weather looks amazing! Great photos, lovely blog x





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