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11:29 PM

Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend! I definitely had my fair share of food, family, friends and sun this Saturday at the 20th annual Pilaros Taste of Danforth. I've always been a huge fan of Greek cuisine, and every year I'd tell myself I'd go and never actually get around to it. Enough is enough - why would one pass up such a delicious opportunity?! If not for the food, the weather could not have been more perfect and staying inside would have been a shame. 
The first stop obviously has to be for souvlaki. 
Not recommended for claustrophobic people. 
Buttered & salted corn on the cob is the most genius combination.
Freshly made churros - my favourite purchase of the day.
Love my aunt; one of the most caring and generous people I know.
Chocolate centres >>>
Daddy's favourite - baklava. 
No words. LOL 
I would get tandoori chicken at a freaking Greek festival.
Beauty, beauty, beauty day. 

After coming back from Toronto, Kathleen and I had a successful IKEA shopping trip for a bunch of organizers and all that fun stuff. Though knowing us, making plans to do 'one thing' never actually ends up that way. 437238749 detours later, a simple shopping trip is then comprised of an emergency BBT pit stop, a Symposium sangria night, followed by late night dim sum. Again. At the same place we were at 3 days ago. Not going to lie, it's pretty awkward when the waiters openly make a comment how 'they're back'. Oops.. 
Do you spot the lovely VB on the cover of Chinese Vogue?
I spend way too much time on Pinterest. 
Time for bed. Enjoy the rest of your weekend! 

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