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1:48 AM

Hope you guys like the new layout! Anyways, it's 4 AM. Not remotely tired and thoroughly enjoying this quiet time. I love how it feels like time is slowed down. Everything is put on hold and you can actually take a breather.

I usually only write ~2 posts a month, but it takes so long to write each one because there is so much to catch up on. So I'm going to try to keep this short and sweet then maybe I won't be so lazy to keep this blog more up-to-date!

Aside from that one time I debuted my straight bangs, I never really wrote about hair...but I am absolutely loving curls/waves lately. So over the pin-straight hair phase - haven't used my straightener in months. Crazy as it sounds, it only takes me 10 minutes to curl (pictures are deceiving, I don't have that much hair...) 

Another thing I've been obsessing over lately are dark solids... (Kafleenzo, I'm hanging out with you way too much). The past week and a half have been a solids haul. I absolutely love Gap. Couldn't decide which colour to get so I picked up 4 of the same slouchy, long-sleeve V necks in their super soft cotton (sigh, decision making issues).

AGAIN, dammit Kathleen. We both picked up the same pair of these studded sneakers - this is soooo not something anyone would ever picture me wearing LOL but I really like them! Pair them with some leather leggings, slouchy tank, boyfriend blazer and a bun - then you're good to go. 

So for my birthday, my two best girlies gave me the greatest gift of all time - a Tassimo. All I can say is where the eff have you been my entire life.
Loving my in-bedroom coffee shop...very dangerous.

K sleepytime - goodnight! 


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  1. Hope you're using the method I taught you to curl your hair ;)





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