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Happy first day of spring! Even though outside looks like the world is coming to an end, but okay. Going to be a quick post to recap last weekend - went from being a 'model student' at Laurier Day Open House to taking part in a derailing life event - St.Paddy's Day LOL.

Anyway, Friday was so bittersweet. I was an SBE Mentor for my 15 'mentees' or potential Golden Hawks. Felt like yesterday when I was deciding what university to go to, and now it's my turn to help other students make their choice - feels amazing to come full circle, yet so sad. Such a throwback first year, especially when answering Q's about res life... meal plans.. and everyone's favourite, time management (lol).
My Link fam! Feel free to tweet at me ;) haha
That night, my lovelies Karen and Vivian came up for the weekend for a triple birthday and of course, St.Paddy's. Ended up going to Firehall on Friday (who, btw, just got their liquor license suspended. Can we get any more sketchy?). Put together this little ensemble - back to basics!
Dress: Urban Outfitters, Shoes: ALDO, Necklace: F21
hair and makeup for the night!
didn't end up wearing these but must keep in mind for next time!
we were more excited about this new product, than the wine waiting on the table.
ANNNNND we get to Sunday. Look at the difference that one day makes. 
No description necessary.
  I felt like after Sunday's shenanigans, perhaps a proper outfit can help piece life back together. The things you tell yourself. LOL 
Cardigan: MANGO, Oxford: Ralph Lauren, Belt: H&M
Okay, the randomness of this post is actually bothering me. so it's time to go to bed. GOODNIGHT. 

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  1. Can't wait to have yet another amazing weekend with you!
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