bloke & 4th | 8 course meal? don't mind if I do.

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Happy Easter, beautiful people! 

Hope everyone enjoyed yesterday's mind blowing weather. We have another warm day ahead of us but I don't want to get too used to this because, you know, typical Canadian weather - warm weather for a couple days and then have it painfully stolen from you. asjfhkashfkjashfkjashdf. Yes, I feel very strongly about the cold.

Also doesn't help that I'm currently fighting a cold... this latte probably isn't helping me the least bit right now but that's okay (coffee is my drug... as well as these two bottles of Extra Strength Tylenol). My posts have been so focused on clothes lately that I feel bad for neglecting my other passion: food. Hope you guys aren't hungry... 

Last week I turned 22 and had a little birthday gathering with my favourite ladies (and of course, my bb J) at the very pretty supper club, Bloke & 4th on King West. 
Since it was a supper club, we came for dinner and then by 10-11 they turn it into a club/lounge. Dinner. The things I would do to relive those 8 courses of goodness. You think that you'd be insanely full after 8 rounds but the meal was tapas style and it was juuuust the right amount. Here's a painfully delicious recap:
Fire roasted shrimp | chili honey glaze, guacamole, sour mango, lotus root
Itsumo tuna & wild salmon tar tare | Green apple, yuzu chili aioli,
 wakame, tempura bits, ginger soy glaze, taro root chips
Braised veal meatballs & grilled polenta | spicy san marzano sauce,
 grana padano, basil puree
Fish tacos | beer tempura battered tilapia, avocado & apple relish,
lime spiked red cabbage, smoked sour cream
Bangkok slaw | wasabi pea crusted tuna, crispy calamari,
 caramelized peanut dressing, yuzu ponzu

Sliders | 24 hour braised brisket, caramelized onion & cheddar brioche, bacon,
smoked garlic aioli arugula, cucumbers, carrot chips

Churros | cinnamon sugar dust, bourbon caramel sauce, chocolate sauce
Not pictured: Hearts of romaine salad with jalapeño caesar dressing, house cured bacon (AMAZING), candied tomatoes and brioche. Soooo, everyone go make a reservation right now. It was delectable! 
Macaron love!
Dress: Bebe. Channeling the Great Gatsby.
THESE GUYS. Don't know what I would do without them.
Ahh overall it was a fantastic night, thanks for all the birthday love!

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