#OOTD | v1

4:23 PM

A couple days late but welcome back to reality, folks. Currently working on my Miami update but it's taking way too long, so decided to throw in a random filler post :D. 

Skimmed through my last couple of updates and noticed I talked a lot about events and restaurants, so decided to make this one fully dedicated to my week's OOTDs (or, outfit of the day for those unsure).

(THANK THE LORD), Miami gave me a pretty decent starter tan for this time of year so it's sad I already have to cover it up with layers x infinity and winter coats... BUT. Just cause it's winter.. doesn't mean you can't brighten up the day a bit by adding in some brights to your wardrobe!

Being super lazy right now and don't want to work on the Miami one... but it's coming.. soon... LOL. 

Have a good night! x

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