Cinema, coffee and colouring addictions.

5:40 PM

Happy snow day everyone!

So what do you do when you're already in bed at 8 PM? Write a blog post of course. 

(Super outdated but must give my girl a dedicated post ;)) Couple weekends ago it was Karen's birthday and although it was probably the biggest mission to have everything planned out properly (doing anything when you're in Waterloo is a freaking mission) but in the end it was so so so worth it! 

Went to Cinema in Liberty Village - pretty sweet night. Bottles, Möet and good company? Yes please.

Cinema itself was a pretty neat spot, a bit on the 'uncomfortably crowded' side but having the booth helped. Or else I probably wouldn't want to be lost in that jungle of people.
Recently found this great spot in Waterloo - Honey Bake Shop on King! 

how did I NEVER come across this before!?  It's literally every single thing I love all under one roof. Sweets, coffee, ice-cream, macarons, cupcakes, nice furniture... LOL 
Super fresh, my coffee took like.. 10 mins to brew. Definitely check it out! 

So another rambling: I used to be SO against dyed hair, don't even know how I got into this vicious cycle LOL.  Was feeling disgusted by the colour I had because it was essentially all 3 of my past colours coming through aka barf. Was looking through old pictures and came full circle - really missed my dark hair!  Welcome back, black. 

Wonder what's next!? :) 

K eyes are hurting from staring at this screen.  And realized how fragmented this post is.  Probably time to leave. so. GOODNIGHT. 

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  1. Ohmg same situation as you with the dyed hair. I guess when I dyed my hair I forgot about my dislike for dying my whole head. My 3 colours still sort of show since my black dye has faded from the sun :(

  2. Mine looks black in pictures but I used a "darkest brown" dye LOL did you use pure black? I want toooooooo

  3. Love the mention ;) as per usual.
    Xoxo see you soon





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