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6:27 PM

Happy Sunday everyone!

Things I should be doing: readings for tomorrow, marketing write-ups etc. 

Things I'm currently doing:
Sunday night just feels like a natural time to write a post, so here I am!  Plus, I just got back from Mississauga so I want to settle in first (by extreme means of procrastination). 

I shouldn't have even gone home since this is the type of love my dad has for me, clearly depicted in this email he sent me below, earlier this week. LOL just kidding :) 
It felt so good to be home, especially this term where I can potentially have 4 sleeps in my own bed! For the sake of familiarity, I just HAAAAD to start the weekend with one of these.  Mississauga folks would understand HAHA.
Everyone can probably relate that 'student living' aka being lazy to cook doesn't give you that many meal options and after almost 4 years here, you definitely get bored of eating out at the same places all the time.  So my bf and I spent our Saturday downtown TO for another foodie adventure (+shopping of course). 

First stop was this intimate, upstairs restaurant called Aroma on King West. Aroma offered some amazing indian dishes but we stuck to a classic (butter chicken) for a quick lunch, saving room for the next couple food stops we had in mind!  Plus, 3:30 is an awkward time to eat...LOL.
Would definitely recommend this spot for some comfort food and a quiet meal, even though it was decently busy, everyone enjoyed eating in silence for some odd reason..... 

Next on the list was to check out a couple stores.  I was DYING to shop since - brace yourself - I haven't gone since freaking boxing day (for those who know me, this is outrageous). I'm trying this new thing called... no more co-op terms + spending problems = need to practice 'self control'.  

This is the first time my bf outshopped me, momentous day in life.  Taught him well :') HAHA. Just kidding :).  Picked up this neat top from Urban Outfitters.  Can't resist shiny, sparkly things: 
BUT nothing made me more happy than finding this little gem.  Been looking for this since god knows when.  Went to at least 4 Shoppers Drug Marts and no one had them - so FINALLY.
Is it weird that little things like this make me super happy? HAHA. It's TINY. 

Next on the list, we wanted to grab a quick coffee and a midday beer so we went to Queen West to check out this... unique... stop called Java House. Definitely not the place to be if you're looking for fine dining HAHA.  But a cool and a loud spot to just chill out with your friends. 

Tried their iced coffee, which was more of a coffee 'milkshake' than anything.  A shot of expresso, condensed milk, blended with ice and you got yourself a refreshing midday treat! 

Stop number 3 was our most anticipated check-in of the night - Poutini's House of Poutine!! Honestly,  who can argue with the most amazing ingredient combination - fresh cut fries drenched in gravy and cheese curds?!  So. Freaking. Good.  We opted for the classic since it was our first time here, and was not disappointed.
LOVED the feel of the restaurant.  Felt homey! We also picked up this glass bottle of cola... I think I just found the best tasting cola of life. Can I please buy this in the nearest grocery store tomorrow? Please?! 

After this, our stomachs were about to explode. So spent a couple hours just roaming the city and before you know it, it was getting late into the night so we decided to get some beers to end off the day.  

Wasn't in the mood for a bustling lounge or a club, wanted to check out a simple pub so we stopped into Fionn MacCool's on University and Adelaide.  I would choose cocktails over beer any day but THIS was actually delicious: 
Shock Top is an unfiltered Belgian-style wheat ale that is infused with orange citrus! In other words, it was like drinking OJ for adults. For sure going to hunt for these the next time I visit the LCBO/Beer store. 

And thaaaaaaat, in a nutshell, a very big nutshell, was my foodie Saturday.  

Now, I am hungry.

until next time - cheers!


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