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Can't believe the last time I was on here was back in November talking about the glitz and glam of work, my term is all over, Christmas has passed and back to school in a week and a half. WHAT. 

Even with the holidays, I feel exhausted. Don't you have those days where you ask yourself 'Does it ever stop?!' and that there is never a second to catch your breath? TODAY is one of those days.  Hence, finally locking myself up in my room in sweats, a hoodie and a cup of tea. much needed.

Thought that today would be a good time to recap one of the craziest things I've done a long time - spontaneously packing my bags and going to VEGAS with one of my faves, jjwong. Even though it was a couple weekends ago, it was so surreal that it felt like it didn't happen.  SOOOO here it goes: 

 On Friday morning... we had NO idea that we'd actually be on a plane in 8 hours and then in Sin City in 12. AND also didn't know we'd only be there for less than 36 hours LOL. Casually almost missed our flight, felt the angry stares of people on the plane LOL. NONETHELESS, if this is what you see when you get off the plane... it was all worth it. 

Slot machines AT the airport gate. cool. 
We stayed at the beautiful Mirage Hotel & Resort, right in the middle of the Strip! First reaction when we stepped inside the hotel - what the actual fuck. It was actually a zoo - a fabulous, glittering, over-the-top shitshow. 
Bottles of Grey Goose and Gran Patron just chillin the mini-bar. 
It was late when we got in so decided to go nearby (The Venetian) for dinner and drinks. Literally went apeshit stepping foot on the Strip at night. ITS FREAKING MAGICAL. Reality hit when we ordered 2 entrees (like any normal people would...) and was presented with dishes that could feed 3 people each. American serving sizes. 
Probs got to bed by 4 am... horrible decision as tomorrow would be the most draining, jam packed day of life since we were flying back Sunday morning.  To keep it short and sweet, the first couple hours of Saturday was just shopping. shopping. and more shopping. Cried a bit seeing my VISA bill.  

Went all over the strip and did some major hotel hopping to check out some of the most extravagant shopping complexes I have ever seen.  Below are some pictures of the shops at the Palazzo, Venetian and Caesar's Palace. brace yourself.
BTW... those skies are actually painted. so insane. 

Fast forward to dinner.  No Vegas experience can be complete with trying a Vegas buffet.  Went to the magnificent Wynn Hotel & Casino. Okay.  Even the walkway to the restaurant was so over the top that I'd freaking eat there on the floor. 

Love this buffet. You don't even have the option for ice-cream.  Gelato only - not complaining LOL. EVERYTHING IN VEGAS SPARKLES. the lights. the sidewalk glitters. and even my freaking cupcake is bedazzled. 

After our gluttonous meal... it's time for........ JERSEY BOYS!!!!  Currently the #1 musical on the Strip at the Paris Resort & Casino. And if you're going to go... you might as well be 8 rows from the front ;) Stellar show.
Let the night begin! Caught the water show @ Bellagio next to Caesar's Palace. Out of ALL song's, Celine Dion's 'My Heart Will Go On' just had to come on. Jay was waiting for her to rise from the waters.
After the show, it was cocktail o'clock.  Headed back to the Mirage this trendy Japanese sushi lounge called Japonais. AMAZING cocktails.. tried my first bloody mary (Caesars are better ;)) and one of my drinks had a real orchid in it! 
Some bouncer approached us with free cover & drinks to 1 Oak night club (Kim Kardashian is hosting her NYE party there!) but was too tired to go when we could : ( i know. regretting already LOL 

before you know it.. it was time for bed. waking up was a bitch and a half. 11 AM flight the next day. but no visit to the states is fulfilled until a visit to an American McDonalds. SOOO... this one was 2-stories, spinning golden arch and chandeliers. not too shabby.. HAHA. 
Can't believe we went from this to this........
LOL. embarrassing.

Leaving for the airport was so. sad. but at the same time, never was happier or more glad to have done this adventure with one of my favourite people in the world. LOVE YOU TO PIECES JAY <3 flexography/Othello biffles for ever. and ever and ever. 
can't wait for our next destination!  xo

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