oyster houses, damask & winter whites

8:37 PM

Hello beautiful people.

This disgusting cold weather is draining. I feel like my energy level is dropping by the day.  Time to start looking for... one of these (Nick, if you're reading this... HAHA) 

Last Friday, I had a huge seafood craving so a friend and I went to Rodney's Oyster House on King West. brb as I wipe the drool off my keyboard. SO. GOOD. If you like oysters, you're in for a treat because their selection by region is huge. If you like seafood in general, they have an awesome option of buying half-entrees, so you can try a lot more things! 

To start, ordered both East (saltier) and West (creamier) coast oysters - I think I'm definitely a west coast fan. Then had these amazing pan seared scallops (best scallops I have ever tasted) and the mussels were underwhelming in comparison to everything else.  Ended off the meal with a giant slab of chocolate bread pudding! 
 After dinner, stopped by The Drake on Queen West for a quick drink and it dubs as so many different things - it's a hotel, lounge, cafe and even has it's own general store. Great venue - rustic, intimate and a sophisticated crowd. 
Spent Saturday with two of my favourite people, just like high school times - so sad we can't do this everyday :( Shopping in the day and got in touch with our asian roots at night LOL I usually never eat out at asian restaurants so Sat was definitely a shift in gears......
 I guess the theme of this weekend was quality time with great people. Spent the Sunday in Waterloo for The Link's Professional Development Conference, a day of workshops and speaker series!  I never felt so old... yet this was still my first Link event ever HAHA clearly something is backwards here. Always great to see old faces and meet some new ones!
At the event, everyone got to design their own business cards - can't wait to see these printed!  Here's a peak: 
I always wanted to use damask on anything... HAHA. That white space isn't actually blank. Self explanatory.
-awkward transition- With the weather getting colder, definitely incorporating some winter pieces into my workwear.
Wool Trousers: t.babuton, Blouse: Zara, Scarf: H&M
Necklace: F21
That's all for now! Time to get back to CNN!!!!! #obama2012 

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