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It's has been so long since my last post.  Been so on-the-go lately that I don't even know what day it is anymore.  Then when I actually take a second to think about it... oh, it's almost December.  A true what the actual eff moment. :( SO SAD!!!!!! Don't want this term to end! 

Possibly the best thing in life. Ever.  As Clamato has been a regular at the annual Gourmet Food & Wine Show at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre,  got a pair of tickets to VIP Night (opening night) and took my bestie!  Definitely neat to see both my worlds meet!! Everyone on my team is in LOVE with this event. And now I understand why. Shit show. Over 1,500 types liquor, beer, wine (and everything in between) from around the globe, looots of amaaaaazing food vendors.... and you're goal is sample as many as you possibly can. 

My 'dinner' was an unusual combo of macarons, gelato, oysters, pulled pork, (a spoonful) of lobster risotto, 'gourmet' mac & cheese, fall-off-the-bone ribs and probs some other things I can't remember. Use your imagination. 

Christina's favourite food of the night: wilted penis churro. true story. 

Also last week, my boss also passed along a pair of Raptors tickets so (again) took my bestie to the game. It was my first basketball game watching from the seats! Although I went to a couple of games when I worked on Gatorade, we'd watched from a box so it was definitely a different feel.
 On a completely different note. The Link builds a cow!!!! 
For the second straight year in a row, the Link will be running a Holiday Fundraiser to support Victory Junior School In Kericho, Kenya, a small village in Kenya with about 260 students, all of whom have lost at least one or both parents due to HIV/AIDS and the 2008 post-election violence.

Last year, we raised over $750 which went a LONG way.  These kids were able to enjoy a Christmas meal, Christmas presents as well as a brand new classroom addition to their school.  This year, our goal is to raise enough money to buy the school a cow (yes, a cow) so they can produce their own milk! Let me know if you want to know more about this cause or check out our video below! 

LINK LOVE! Thanks for letting me meet some pretty amazing people. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE. 

annnnd that's it. :) goodnight! 

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