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It's been such a jammed pack week but definitely a lot of highlights! 
On Thursday night, my team (best team EVER, by the way) and I went to the grand opening party of Spirithouse on Adelaide (been open for awhile, but I guess this is their 'official' launch) - aaaaaaaand it was sick.

One of the perks of working on an alcohol brand, we started the night early since we attended the segment of the launch that was for industry/media folks only.  It was a good crowd at that time - not too crowded, not too empty either.  Had some amazing (and not so amazing) cocktails that night. 

One of the most memorable was trying Gran Patron Burdeos...... in other words, $800 tequila. It was perfect. On the flip side, I (unfortunately) tried Sazerac, a whiskey cocktail. Enough said. It doesn't even deserve a picture.  And of course, had some go-to girly drinks with my favourite being the Cucumber Basil Smash, a gin based drink. ahhh-mazing.

On top of their drinks, their food is pretty damn good as well.  Had a couple of their oysters (unreal) and they have these delicious sliders as well.  Definitely check it out - it's a sweet venue (487 Adelaide Street West @ Portland).  So here is my outfit for the night! Been wearing a lot of black and white lately... and super bright pink lips. (I think it suits the hair, I could be wrong LOL)

Tank: Jacob, Blazer: Zara, Leather Pants: Mendocino, Shoes: Sam Edelman, Clutch: Aldo  
This weekend was great - took a visit back to Waterloo... oh how I miss it so :(.  Seeing that I was on the same organization since grade 12... time for a change.  Officially on the International Team for The Link!  We had our first exec meeting yesterday, almost 45 execs.  Freaking massive.  Our team itself though is small and I looooooooove them! Can't WAIT to start planning some amazing global initiatives this year!  Ended off Saturday night with an 'unofficial' team social - too. much. fun.
Only bad thing about visiting is that by the time you get home on a Sunday night, it's late. You're exhausted.  And you barely had any time to unwind from last work week, and in a couple hours, you're already starting a new one.  ANNND you're backseat feels the wrath of constantly moving around... welcome to my second home:
.... where are the seats? 
Nonetheless, so good to see familiar faces as well as a bunch of new ones! hope everyone had an amazing weekend as well!


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