happy long weekend!

9:21 AM

hey guys!

This week hasn't been tooooo exciting so this is going to be a quick one! First off, happy turkey weekend errrbody.  time flies eh.. felt like summer never happened! do you ever get that feeling?!?!?

So no restaurant/lounge recos this week :( feeling like a grandma HAHA. but here's a couple highlights from some this week's work outfits, and I did have some neat fall finds!

I'm always a sucker for classic pieces like blazers, blouses etc. but randomly felt like trying something a little different. So I picked up this pair of 'leather' pants/leggings, been seeing them around in alot of stores so I thought, hey why not. 

Blazer: Zara, Shirt: F21, Pants: Mendocino, Shoes: Zara

And here is one of the outfits I wore to work this week!  Woke up that morning and felt like being super comfy (hence the sweater) but not looking like a slob either sooo this is what I came up with!

Sweater: Zara, Skirt: H&M, Skinny Belt: Costa Blanca, Watch: Michael Kors, Shoes: Spring


Annnnd that takes us to today. Having an early turkey gathering at my bestie's house tonight so keeping it casual today:

Top: Zara, Pants (not jeans, lighter blue colour in person): H&M

As I am writing this up at her house... I'm beginning to regret not wearing sweat pants to eat turkey. brb as I die from waistline suffocation.

BYE :)

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  1. Minh I LOVE your fashion style!
    Happy Thanksgiving:)

  2. aww thanks Nicole <3 hope you're having an amazing long weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!





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