food and drink haul (and a touch of fall style)

5:46 PM

This is going to be a long one. 

Once a year, Canada Dry Mott's hosts a 3 day/night company offsite, bringing together the Canadian office and some folks down from the U.S. This year, we stayed at the Renaissance Hotel (Rogers Centre).  So with being downtown T.O, you bet there was alot of food.... alot of liquor... LOL. Knowing me, I will forever write about food and bevs (how am I not obese yet...) so here are some highlights:

Kit Kat: Italian Bar and Grill - King West 
Lalalalalooooove. Great cuisine. Intimate atmosphere. Nothing better than some comfort food after a couple hours of an open bar (what's new...). So my team and a couple of other people went to Kit Kat for a late night dinner!  Tried a massive dish of fresh steamed mussels (MY FAVOURITE) in a white wine sauce nomnomnom. 

Steamwhistle Brewery - The Roundhouse 
We had an amazing fundraiser dinner at the Steamwhistle Brewery for United Way.  They turned this beautiful, rustic space into a banquet-style venue, right below the brewery itself.  Went on my very first brewery tour - pretty neat stuff. Pilsners were flowin, Caesars were mixin...... t'was a good night.
Brassaii - King West
Another one of my favourite hotspots... Brassaii! Everyone was so trendy and the atmosphere was intimate but the dance floor was poppinnnn hahaha. We had suuuuch a good work group with us for a midweek night out. Bottle service on a Wednesday night? I obviously have the coolest boss in the world. Definitely a highlight of the week.
Spirithouse - Adelaide
If you like dim venues, grande furniture and dark wood.. this is the place for you.  Definitely more of an upscale bar/lounge and their cocktails are spectacular.  One that I tried was called aviation, delectable mixture of gin, maraschino, creme yvette & lemon.
So an awkward, abrupt transition into fall fashion (Elisa, I hope you're reading this ;)). I usually go all out for work, especially when the weather is nice... super bright blazers, fun dresses and of course, crazy heels... yet with the drop in temperature, time to bring out the layers.

So... do you have a friend that spends your own money for you? Ya well her name is Kathleen Lu, everybody. She found me these Sam Edelmans for freaking 40 bucks. SENT FROM HEAVEN.

I MISS SUMMER. :( take me back. 

k baiiii

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  1. LMFAO never would have expected the ending. I would prefer to think of it as "saving Minh money on items she'll invest in, anyway??" And I wanna try that SpiritHouse - sounds beautiful!

    P.S. Definitely approving the "k baiiii" ending.
    P.P.S. LOOK WHAT I FOUND I wish H&M would just make a tan one.





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