birthday weekend

8:10 PM

that sad moment on Sunday evening when you think about work the next day and your stomach drops to the floor. WAHHHH such a good weekend, don't want it to end :( exhausted so this is going to be short.

so on Saturday, to celebrate Christina's 21st birthday, a bunch of us had an amazing dinner at Volos, a gorgeous Greek restaurant on Richmond St. West in the Financial District. Gorgeous décor, amazing food, great atmosphere.  So for my main, I ordered the roasted cornish hen: 

For the evening, we went to my fave hotspot Easy & The Fifth. One of my favourite things about this venue is that it has more of a lounge feel versus a full-blown club and the décor is definitely down my alley ;) definitely an older crowd which is nice as well. 

and today my two best girlfriends and I had the entire day to ourselves for some downtown food adventures and OD on shopping. picked up a pair of chinos from H&M, a gold collar necklace at F21 and my fave purchase of the day, a black slim fit blazer with a satin lapel from ZARA, my all-time favourite store (even thinking about it makes me giddy.) 

AHHH all in all, such an amazing weekend!!! 

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