okay, let's try this again.

9:48 PM

Ignore the under construction-esque feel... though now it looks half-presentable to finally make my first official post! 

well, hello :). seeing how sentimental of a person I already am, might as well use this blog to hoard more and more things to look back on, so why not?!  Not exactly sure what the point of this is, or what I'm going to write, or who I am even writing this for... I guess that's the beauty of this. Nothing has to make sense. 

It's been a crazy whirlwind of a year and recently have been reminded that you can't hold onto today long enough. I had a meeting with the VP of Marketing at work today, and one thing she said struck a chord: 

                                                    Always challenge the status quo. 

This is waaaay to relevant to my life right now.  If you're not okay with the way something is... then change it.  Easy to write it on words, but another story to praise what you preach and I definitely fall in that second category.  Still learning. I know I'm being cryptic right now but I'm definitely starting to see how I'm beginning to really embrace that way of thinking in my everyday life.  It's the little things; make it count. 

P.S. Let's see how long this blogging thing will last...


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