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Came back for round 2!  Proud of myself for continuing this for more than 24 hours LOL.  8:30 am meeting tomorrow but I don't know what parallel universe I must be living in to believe that lying in bed, typing up this blog post (by candlelight) that no one is probably going to read is a marvellous idea.

I'll try my best to not bring up work in this blog cause god knows how consuming work already is, cannot let it take over my life (which it usually does cause I'm kind of psychotic), so I'm just going to FF to the back-half of the day.  

Wednesday aka Hump Day aka I need a midweek pick-me-up aka hot yoga (hence the title of this post). Stopped by Moksha Yoga (click here for their website) for a night class called SSU: Stretch, Sweat, Unwind.  It was a class I always wanted to try ever since I started picking up hot yoga a couple weeks ago (which was probably the greatest idea of life - thanks Christina xo).  The class is held in a 37  degree room, the room was lined with white candles and of course some foreign music in the background that is so peaceful that you don't even question if it's a rando language or a compilation of noises.  It's so hot that you literally lie down on your mat and you're already pouring buckets.  You feel so cleansed after, it's amazing. 

Guess I'll be making hot yoga routine this month seeing that I also purchased a 1-month unlimited membership woohoo! $40 bucks isn't bad for an intro offer, since each drop-in is already $20 to begin with!  Time to channel my inner zen... if it exists.... I'm sure it does, just buried under all this excess baggage.  

Especially over the last month, I've come to the realization that it's time to turn a new leaf.  I've been feeling so inspired lately to try new things and really embrace the little things in life.  Here's the rest of this month's to do list:
  • Take up hot yoga and make it a re-occuring thing
  • Start a DIY project for my room (shelving needed PRONTO.) 
  • Volunteer at the Mississauga Food Bank (my shifts are already booked for later this month!) 
  • Get involved with another local initiative (United Way?  Hospital? Help me decide!) 
  • ... apply for post-grad jobs... dot. is this real life... 
  • New season = new hair. maybe. just don't want to further destroy my already fried head. 
K, scratch the last one. I don't want to go bald (trust me, I experienced traumatic hair loss before. not fun). 



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  1. LOOL <3 YAYYY readership: 1. now i have a reason to continue. HAHAH miss you

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