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Happy 2nd day of autumn! Summer is definitely my season so I'm pretty damn sad to see it go but what can you do (besides starting your fall wardrobe.. ahem)?

Caught up with an old friend on Friday night and we decided to be a little spontaneous and try a new restaurant/new cuisine and Ethiopian food made the cut!  We chose the first restaurant on the list and headed down to Queen West to Nunu, an Ethiopian fusion restaurant.

Had a couple cocktails to start (a Caesar, of course) but then one of the restaurant owners (Nunu's husband) made me the restaurant's trademarked drink, pictured below.  Forgot what it was called but it was a mix of rum, club soda, honey, freshly squeezed lime juice and a couple of unfamiliar ingredients... it was freaking amazing.

NunuFor the appetizer, I definitely took a personal risk with this one but tried their variation of steak tartar.  I was never fond of eating raw meat (... seeing that I'm asian and I don't even eat sashimi says alot) but the theme of the night was trying new things so why not.  It was definitely unique, it was ground up beef served on lightly oiled, crusty bread.  Pretty good if I didn't constantly remind myself it was raw...

For the main, we each ordered a serving of Misto Meat - a variety platter of differently prepared veggies and meats.  Definitely recommend it for those who never had Ethiopian food before and want to try a bit of everything. The platter consisted of lamb, beef, chicken bedded on a spongy-crepe-like bread that you pick up the meats and veggies with.  There were also a bunch of other things I had no idea what it was but it was unreal.  Shed a couple of tears when I ate the drumstick though LOL. Pretty. Damn. Spicy.

Nunu Ethiopian Fusion RestaurantFinished the meal off with traditional, Ethiopian coffee. It was AMAZING.  They roast the beans themselves in the back and bring out the brewed coffee on this elaborate tray, in a big black pot, alongside a burning plate of incense, filling up the air around you with this beautiful smoke.  From appearance, the coffee was black as black can get... yet it was suprisingly light in taste.

All in all, it was a delicious, unique meal - a good change from what I'm typically used to.  Would definitely go again!

So there is my food rant.  Now time for my personal fave... fall fashion!  If you can't tell from my previously post... if ZARA was a person, I'd marry it. Their fall collection is so beautiful that it's actually disgusting how one store can make you want to buy everything and ruin your life.  Which is what it is doing to my bank account LOL.  Went for a 'casual stroll' through it today and shocker, got hooked onto these 2 things: a white, chunky knit oversized sweater, and a beautiful pair of black riding boots:

SOOO that's all for today.  Got to spend the rest of my Sunday applying to freaking post-grad jobs, kill me.

BYE :)

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  1. My goodness, the fit/cut of that knit sweater - LOVE. <3 How high do the boots hit?

  2. they're a little below the knee - def wouldn't classify it as 'knee high boots' though. $79.99 at ZARA I thought was such a steaaal considering every other pair of footwear there is like.. +150. and this was reg price too!!





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